2008 News Archive - Holidays - "Beautiful beaches" on holiday in Menorca

09 07 2008

Britons taking holidays in Menorca can expect "beautiful beaches" and much more besides, according to one commentator.

Paul Bradley, whose parents owned a home in Menorca in the 1970s and who is now a spokesperson for the Spanish Property Owners Guild highlighted Menorca's "intimate" coves which make for "great sailing" excursions.

Menorca is one of the Spanish archipelago known as the Balearic Islands, located between Spain and the North African coast.

And it is not only the flat beaches that are attractive to those on family holidays to Menorca, according to Mr Bradley.

"The busy capital, Mahon, is an attractive old port and ... the other end of the island, at Cuidadela, is far more attractive and peaceful," he noted.

He added that Menorca is also famous for being the home of Lady Jane Hamilton, one time mistress of Lord Nelson.

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