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04 07 2007

El Jem Coliseum in Thysdrus is again the venue for the renowned international symphonic festival in July and August this year.

In its 22nd year, the festival has previously attracted big names such as operatic star Barbara Hendrix, the national orchestras of Toulouse, the chamber orchestra of Vienna and jazz singer Dee-Dee Bridgewater.

Craig Adams and the Higher Dimensions of Praise, the School and University Symphony Orchestra and Unit Gli Archi will be among the artists performing this year.

Organisers of the festival describe the event as a "symbol of a true international cooperation" and say that it carries a message of peace and co-operation between nations against a vast, historic backdrop.

The massive Roman coliseum, 148 metres long by 122 metres wide, with tiers up to 35 metres, would have accommodated about 30,000 spectators in its heyday.

Commissioned by the imperial official Gordian, it took about eight years to build but was never completed following Gordian's suicide in 238 CE.

The event takes place between July 7th and August 11th.

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