2008 News Archive - Holidays - Beautiful national park in Lapland

09 04 2008

Fans of adventure holidays may wish to consider a trip to Lapland this summer, after it was named as boasting some of Scandinavia's most beautiful natural areas.

According to the Guardian, Abisko national park, in Swedish Lapland, is among the best national parks in the region.

A 7,700-hectare park located in a low-lying valley at the base of mountains to the west and south and Torne trask lake to the north, the national park exists as both a tourist attraction and a conservation area.

Home to the Abisko Scientific Research Station , Abisko is situated in near the Norwegian border in Lapland.

The Guardian reports that the King's Way trail is popular with hikers and cross-country skiers.

Popular tourist attractions include husky dog rides, snowshoeing, alpine skiing and watching the aurora borealis.

During the summer, hikers can enjoy trekking in the midnight sun during polar night season.

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