2008 News Archive - Holidays - "Beautiful Spain" attracts Brits

11 12 2007

Holidaymakers flock to the Spanish mainland year on year "purely for the lifestyle", it has been claimed.

According to a spokesperson for Property Frontiers, Spain is a "beautiful" country with charming people and a wonderful culture.

Furthermore, she added that Brits will continue to flock to the country in 2008.

"With wonderful beaches, 320 days of sunshine a year, delicious food and wine, a laid back lifestyle, stunning mountain ranges and spectacular cities, it is of endless appeal to tourists and retirees alike," she commented.

The Association of British Travel Agents recently claimed that Spain is the most popular holiday destination for the British during the Christmas period.

Also, Lucy Ace, managing director of Take the Family, added that Spain is a "winning" destination for Brits on family holidays.

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