2008 News Archive - Holidays - Better long-haul flights lauded

17 10 2007

Broader options on destination and airline have improved opportunities to travel to long-haul destinations, an expert has said.

A spokesperson for over-50s organisation Saga said that China and South Africa were among the most popular destinations, especially with the older generations.

Recent research by Saga indicated that ten per cent of people were considering retiring abroad, with Spain and France remaining the most popular destinations.

"Touring holidays to long haul destinations continue to be very popular," she said.

"South Africa, New Zealand, China and South America are in the top ten long-haul holidays for our customers."

She added that older people in particular are more interested about the quality and length of their holiday than when they were younger, including touring holidays to long-haul destinations such as China.

Cheap flights and lower costs of living were attractive, as well as better climates and many people considered retiring abroad for these reasons too, she concluded.

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