2008 News Archive - Holidays - Big catch for British tourist in Florida

07 03 2007

A British grandmother has had a massive haul on her very first fishing trip - reeling in a shark.

Mary Cook had very tried to fish before despite her husband being an enthusiastic angler, but on a recent trip to Florida she decided to give it a go.

The lemon shark was so big and so strong that Mrs Cook needed to see a physiotherapist after her holiday just to recover.

"I don't normally participate but this time I wanted to go. The weather was calm, the sea wasn't rough and it wasn't deep either so I decided to join them," she told the BBC.

"I saw a fin and there they were - so I cast out and caught it."

The shark and the brave British tourist battled for a solid half hour until she decided to let it go; her companions estimated the lemon shark weighed over 45kg and was over 2.7 metres long.

Florida's hot weather and immediate access to great fishing waters make it ideal for trying your hand at landing a big catch - whether that be a fish or even a shark.

Excursions are easily arranged from the major tourist locations on the shore, with expert guides available to take beginners through the basics on the way to landing their first big catch.

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