2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bonanza! It's Tenerife!

24 10 2007

This January and february, when good old Blighty is at its most gloomy and depressing, things are not so elsewhere in Europe, with fun and frolics to be found.

Tenerife offers a fine example of this, with the locals refusing to get caught up in any winter woes and hosting the biggest carnival bonanza seen on the island.

As Whatsonwhen notes, the excited residents plan festivities for months ahead of its actual occurrence, assuring that this party will be one to remember; assuming that is that one can remember the morning after...

Taking place over the days surrounding pancake day, this is also an opportunity to eat the delicious foodstuffs morning, noon and night.

Visitors had better be in the spirit for some fun, however, as a major part of the event involves the global gathering of revellers cross dressing and partying long into the night. Boring people need not apply.

Even crazier is the commitment to the ground of a giant fish effigy that takes place in the event known as burial of the sardine - odd though it sounds it is the sight of great fun and delight.

El Entierro de la Sardina, as the locals call it, in not restricted to Tenerife, however, taking place across Spain.

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