2008 News Archive - Holidays - Book early to 'avoid post-holiday blues'

06 09 2007

Booking early for next year's holiday is a good way to stave off those post holiday blues, according to a celebrity psychologist.

Behavioural and personality psychologist Donna Dawson, who has appeared on This Morning and Sky News, has commented that focusing on the positive experience of another holiday can combat the miserable prospect of going back to work.

"We inevitably feel that post holiday slump, the good times are over, we have to go back to work and we have to be careful with money," she remarked.

According to Ms Dawson, research conducted at Birmingham International Airport found two-thirds of people arriving back from their holidays were feeling post-holiday blues.

Brits don't get enough time to relax and have the longest working hours in Europe, she added.

Ms Dawson also noted that a holiday in the sun gives Brits an incentive to work towards.

Other research from Birmingham International Airport shows, one in eight people will make up an exc

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