2008 News Archive - Holidays - Booking online 'is quick and easy'

30 04 2008

Booking holidays online is both quick and easy, one commentator has reported.

According to Kate Shipp, researcher for Which? Holiday, booking online gives you a wider scope of holidays to choose from than you perhaps would inside a travel agent's office.

Additionally, there is the benefit of being able to tailor the holiday to suit your specific needs.

The comment comes after the Office for National Statistics reported that 61 per cent of households had access to the internet in 2007.

"Convenience," Ms Shipp stated when asked the main benefits of booking over the internet.

"You can do everything without having to leave your desk or your office. And it's also about being able to compare things quickly on price and choice," she added.

Which? is a completely independent organisation and a registered charity, campaigning to provide consumers with a fair deal and unbiased information.

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