2008 News Archive - Holidays - "Breathtaking" Dubrovnik has something for everyone

19 02 2007

Dubrovnik, based on the Adriatic Sea coast, is gradually gaining a reputation as one of Europe's most sensational holiday destinations.

It is characterised by its historic centre, which is surrounded by 13th century city walls, but Dubrovnik is far more diverse than its historic exterior suggests.

Stephen Breen, writing in the Belfast Telegraph, refers to Dubrovnik as a "beautiful medieval port" and "breathtaking" and concedes that a week-long holiday did not feel long enough.

He started his trip in Dubrovnik by taking a walk around the city's stunning walls.

"The walk provides tourists with beautiful views of the city's surrounding islands, of the city's narrow streets and of the over-looking mountains," he writes.

A close inspection of the city reveals "fascinating churches, monasteries, palaces and ornate houses", all packed full of character and exuding the hugely appealing Croatian charm.

Mr Breen chose to stay at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace during his week in this captivating city and its location near the Old Town made it an "ideal" experience.

Indeed, one of the most attractive things about Dubrovnik is its proximity to many of the country's beautiful islands. Mr Breen and his companions journeyed to the Mljet islands, providing exceptional views and allowing for a spot of sunbathing on the paradisiacal beaches.

Those visiting Dubrovnik in the summer can also look forward to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, based around open-air performances and a wide variety of cultural delights.

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