2008 News Archive - Holidays - British holidaymakers 'undaunted by economy'

06 11 2008

The onset of a recession would not be enough to make people in the UK give up on their annual holiday.

A new report has found that despite the tightening of household belts, in light of the credit crunch and rising bills, families, groups and couples will only be willing to pass up on shorter breaks.

When it comes to annual, longer breaks, people are less likely to gve in to economic pressures, Imaginative Traveller found.

In fact, 90 per cent of people in the poll said they will still take their annual holiday, even if it means cutting back elsewhere.

"Travel is an integral part of most people's lifestyles and while they may cut down on secondary holidays and short breaks, they are still willing to factor in at least one memorable holiday per year," said Matt West, managing director of the company.

More people might choose to seek out cheap holiday deals in traditional hot spots such as Majorca, the Association of Independent Tour Operators said recently.

A spokesman for the organisation said many tourists feel that they get better value for money in such destinations.

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