2008 News Archive - Holidays - Britons plan to 'travel more'

17 10 2008

More than half of Britons are planning to increase the amount they spend on holidays in the coming year, it has been revealed.

A recent study by online travel community TripAdvisor found that despite the credit crunch, 56 per cent of people are looking to travel more in the next 12 months.

Furthermore, 69 per cent of those surveyed said that unfavourable exchange rates would not prevent them from travelling within the eurozone.

Commenting on the findings, Luke Frednerg, European director of communications for TripAdvisor, said: "It's surprising that despite the economic climate, British travellers are planning to spend more on leisure travel in the next year than in the past 12 months."

The survey also revealed that 21 per cent of people plan to make more environmentally conscious travel decisions in the future.

In related news, around 15 million Britons are planning to jet off to warmer climes over the coming months, according to Abbey.

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