2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits are "over-packers"

14 07 2008

When it comes to packing for a hard-earned holiday abroad, Britons take everything with them but the kitchen sink, or so a new study suggests.

According to Post Office, 37 per cent of UK travellers are "messy", "disorganised" holidaymakers who tend to pack too much.

Nearly one in four Britons claims to pack an outfit for every eventuality with seven per cent of packers stating that they pile all their belongings in and "hope for the best".

Fraser Russell - a so-called "expert packer" enlisted by Post Office claimed that packing needn't be a "headache".

"These results paint a picture of a nation of confused and bewildered holiday-goers," he added.

According to Mr Russell, forward planning can help and visualising what you want to wear on holiday and avoiding leaving packing to the last minute.

The study revealed women to be more challenged than men when packing with 55 per cent struggling to pack.

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