2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits 'can pick up holiday spends from cash kiosks'

23 06 2008

Consumers can now pick up their holiday spends while they purchase their pool-side reading and other last-minute holiday amenities, it has been announced.

Post Office has announced that it has launched bureau de change kiosks at 50 selected branches of WHSmith across the UK.

In locations such as London, Exeter, Sheffield, Taunton, Leeds, East Kilbride, Chester, Plymouth, Tunbridge Wells and Reading, Britons will be able to view the most up to date foreign exchange rates and pick up their euros along with the latest Ian Grisham novel to read on the plane.

"The new kiosks are a great way to bring ... currency to more and more people, communities and outlets. We hope that this will make it even easier for our customers to benefit from our award-winning travel services in a way that suits them," Helen Warburton, head of Post Office travel services, commented.

A number of kiosks have already opened with the remaining stalls anticipated to be in action by autumn.

This could give travellers one less thing to argue about in terms of holiday planning and preparation, after American Express recently reported that 65 per cent of Brits fall out with their travelling companions before jetting off on abroad.

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