2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits 'choosing to spend Christmas on the beach'

14 11 2008

A recent survey has shown that significant numbers of Brits will be opting for a beach holiday abroad this winter to escape the cold of Christmas in the UK.

Nearly half (45 per cent) of those surveyed by Kayak.co.uk said they would be jetting off somewhere warm this December for a dose of sun, sea and sand.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of Christmas in the UK has long been an attractive option, but the survey suggests that those who do will still be spending the festive time of year with their loved ones.

Around 40 per cent said they would prefer their Christmas getaways to include their immediate families (but no crazy in-laws) and 30 per cent said their ideal winter beach break would be a romantic holiday with their partners.

Annie Wilson, business development director of Kayak.co.uk, said: "Christmas is still a traditional time to be with family, but […] the British Christmas culture is evolving from a homebound 'Winter Wonderland' into a nomadic 'Winter Wanderlust' instead."

Winter sun holidays are increasingly being recognised and recommended by travel writers and tourists alike.

Recently, travel writer Gill Williams and TV weatherman Michael Fish recommended the Canary Islands as a winter beach getaway.

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