2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits could receive more holiday time

13 08 2007

New European legislation could mean hard-working Brits benefit from more holiday time.

The EU has ruled that the government can no longer include the eight public holidays employees are entitled to as part of the required 20-day paid leave workers should get.

According to the Trades Union Congress, as many as six million working Brits could stand to benefit from these changes, which means they could be lucky enough to book more holidays and enjoy their free time in the sun.

However, the changes do not come fully into force until April 2009, although the first stage of development will be seen in October, when entitlement moves up to 24 days a year - perfect for those looking for a beach break from winter blues.

As reported by the BBC, Incomes Data Services states Denmark leads Europe by promising its citizens 39.5 days of paid leave off a year, although in the US there is no minimum holiday requirement for workers.

Last week, uSwitch advised holidaymakers to speak to their mobile phone network operators before going abroad to take advantage of the new cheaper tariffs being offered by the telecoms companies.

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