2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits holidaying in groups

19 01 2007

Group holidays have traditionally been associated with teenagers and hardcore partygoers but experts within the industry suggest that it is now a vacation format open to everybody.

According to Meon Villas, holidaying in a large group forms part of a notable social trend that has seen more and more people shun summer isolation.

Holidaymakers are reportedly choosing a group holiday for reunions, anniversaries and birthday celebrations, to ensure all of their friends are able to enjoy the respective occasions together.

"Staying together in a large villa can have two distinct advantages for groups of friends. It can often be much more economical - costing under £100 per person for a week in luxury accommodation during the early summer and autumn – and they provide much more privacy for people who want to have fun together at times that suit them," said Rob Graham.

Separate research over the festive period found that holidaymakers are also using their friends to inform their summer break decision in the first place. According to the report from Nielsen//NetRatings, nearly half of internet users book their holidays on the basis of recommendations from friends and family, which compares to a third who read travel articles in magazines and newspapers.

More than a third also use travel agent websites to ensure they pick the very best option, having first picked up a few ideas from their friends.

Those between the ages of 25 and 34 are most likely to book their holiday online and these people are also more likely to arrange holidays within four weeks of their departure date.

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