2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits pack work into suitcases

20 07 2007

Millions of Brits are taking their work away with them on holiday, a study has found.

AlphaRooms, an online travel company, discovered a shocking 20 million UK holidaymakers are packing work into their suitcases alongside bikinis, beach balls and sunglasses.

Gareth Hockey, the online marketing manager for AlphaRooms, is calling for Brits to relax on holiday and leave the stress of work behind at home.

He blames the advances in communications and technology as the reason for the statistics, saying: "Even when on holiday it's all too easy to make a work telephone call, send an email or even take our BlackBerry or laptop to the beach."

The survey found two-thirds of respondents have had their holidays interrupted by work and 80 per cent worry about work while away.

Recent research by Manchester Metropolitan University, commissioned by Eurocamp, suggested Brits need a holiday as an annual top-up of necessary relaxation. Eurocamp proposes spending time with family and friends, embracing the outdoors and learning new creative skills are all important to relax and have fun.

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