2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits should 'buy Olympic tickets' before arrival in China

18 04 2008

If you are planning on taking flights to China later this year to watch the Beijing Olympic games, buying tickets for the events prior to travelling has been recommended.

According to Real Travel magazine, it is "not the best idea" to purchase tickets upon arrival in China, as there is the chance you could pick up illegal ones.

Instead, Olympics fans are advised to buy tickets from an authorised source in the UK "to avoid disappointment".

"Sportsworld is the only officially appointed ticket agent for the Olympic games in the UK. If you want to watch any of the events, it's best to go through them, but hurry!" Hfu Reisenhofer, production editor of Real Travel magazine, advised.

However, those wishing to purchase tickets after arriving in Beijing will have the opportunity to do so, with officials in China aware and prepared to crack down on illegal ticket sales, according to the Beijing Olympic Games Organising Committee.

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