2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits 'shy of tasting foreign food'

16 10 2007

Despite enjoying the sun, sea and sand to be found outside the UK, it seems that Britons are still fighting shy when it comes to local grub.

According to a study by Churchill Travel Insurance, more than one-third of Britons have never tried moussaka in holiday hotspot Greece, while a quarter have never sampled paella while in Spain.

Furthermore, one-third of unlucky holidaymakers have never experienced the sumptuous delights of Spain's other firm favourite tapas.

This is despite the popularity of tapas bars throughout the UK which offer diners the chance to feast upon the various dishes on offer.

According to the company, fears such as food poisoning, not enjoying the food and just not understanding the menu have put them off the foreign treats.

Abi Clark, a spokesperson for Churchill Travel Insurance, said: "Our research shows that only an unlucky few are struck down by food poisoning while away."

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