2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits 'spend on novelty items'

25 03 2008

Holidays can provide the perfect opportunity to indulge a love of shopping for some Brits. However it has been reported that one-in-three Britons are wasting their money on pointless products.

According to Cahoot, 13.9 million Brits blow their cash on stuffed donkeys and novelty hats while on holiday.

The research showed that a total £231 million is spent by UK holidaymakers each year on holiday souvenirs and "cheap items" that they later regret purchasing.

"Holidays are all about fun and splashing out, but as our research shows it is still important to keep a close check on your finances when you are taking a break," commented Matthew Timms, director of Cahoot.

He added that customers should set a "realistic" budget.

And the study also shows that it does not always pay to think of others, with a quarter of the recipients of novelty items last year describing the items as "junk".

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