2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits 'to cut back' in order to pay for holidays

21 01 2009

So keen are Britons to keep their holiday plans untouched by the economic downturn that they will make cuts in other areas to afford them, a new survey shows.

Holiday Autos conducted a poll in the UK which revealed that 95 per cent of respondents plan to take holidays in 2009 - and 19 per cent aim to get away four times.

It appears that other aspects of life are more likely to feel the brunt of the crunch ahead of holidaymaking. More than half (53 per cent) of those questioned revealed that they will eat out and go shopping less in order to guarantee their breaks.

"Britons regard their holiday as sacred and, should they have to, will budget throughout the year to make sure they can get away," said Holiday Autos' managing director Stuart Nassos.

A study by the Association of British Travel Agents recently found that 50 per cent of Brits believe a holiday is a vital escape from the pressures of the economy.

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