2008 News Archive - Holidays - Brits will fly despite green concerns, survey shows

07 11 2008

British travellers consider the effects that flying may have on the environment, but are not so concerned that they would cut down on their flights, a survey has suggested.

According to a poll by YouGov and Camcon Technology, 74 per cent worry about issues such as air pollution and climate change - issues to which aviation is often linked.

However, only 22 per cent claim that such matters have persuaded them to fly less, TravelMole reports.

It would appear that flyers feel the responsibility to address such matters falls to operators. More than three-quarters said they would feel better about air travel if they knew carriers and manufacturers were investing in greener aircraft.

On that point, Camcon chief executive Danny Chapchal said: "It's time that a new generation of quieter and more environmentally friendly planes was developed."

One airline that is involved in high-profile green initiatives is Virgin Airways, which recently flew the world's first passenger jet powered by biofuel.

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