2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgaria is 'cheaper than other European countries' for holidays

31 01 2008

As a holiday destination, Bulgaria is a lot less expensive than other European locations, according to one commentator.

Balkan Holdings reports that this is a main factor in the popularity of the eastern European country.

Chris Northam, managing director of Balkan Holdings added that in terms of relocation Bulgaria also offers retirees and investors value for their money.

"It's a lot less expensive - not just to buy property, but to enjoy your holiday or enjoy your retirement or whatever. The cost of living is substantially lower than the UK and the rest of Europe," he added.

The managing director also noted that Bulgaria is getting much more recognition as a holiday destination which has been reflected in the country's tourism figures over the past few years.

Balkan Holdings is a holding company that operates in Bulgaria.

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