2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgaria joins the big league

21 02 2007

Bulgaria's status as a major player in the European travel market has received another boost with the presence of the country's tourism agency at International Confex.

The UK's leading event exhibition, International Confex is the place to be for anybody promoting a venue or destination. It is also seen as a crucial place for networking, as the world's most influential organisations typically attend.

The Bulgarian State Agency for Tourism has the challenge of promoting the country as an attractive holiday destination and its work in recent years has been massively successful.

In addition to drawing attention to the quality of Bulgaria's beach resorts, the agency has also highlighted the sheer beauty of the Black Sea coast, where millions of holidaymakers are expected to head this summer.

Dubbed 'the new Costa del Sol' by some experts, the Black Sea coast has emerged as a firm favourite with families, largely for safety reasons. In many areas, it is quite possible to wade out 100 metres or more without the water getting any deeper than around five foot.

Many resorts have also established playing pools for children, underlining the efforts to may Bulgaria one of Europe's top family-friendly destinations.

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