2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgaria 'offers Brits bargain breaks'

15 12 2008

A leading national newspaper has reported an increase in the number of UK tourists considering Bulgarian holidays because they can provide good value for money.

With the pound at an all time low against the euro, the Telegraph said that many people are shunning traditional European holiday destinations such as Spain in favour of Bulgaria, which is not part of the euro zone.

Tourism website Travelsupermarket.com reported that this year only six euro zone countries made it into the top ten most searched for destinations, compared with ten last year.

Bob Atkinson, a spokesperson for the website, said: "The prices of food, drink and entertainment have all increased in countries within the euro zone."

In contrast, the pound has fallen by just five per cent against the Bulgarian Leva since 2007, according to the Telegraph.

The pound currently buys 2.78 Bulgarian Levas, compared to just 1.11 euros.

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