2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgaria "on the agenda"

22 01 2008

Bulgaria is increasingly "on the agenda" as a holiday destination for Britons, it has been reported.

According to Holiday Which?, eastern Europe is "booming" in terms of tourism and places like Bulgaria are becoming more common a destination among British holidaymakers.

The comment follows the announcement by the Association of British Travel Agents last month that UK residents made 70 million overseas visits in 2007.

"Eastern Europe is still booming - places like Bulgaria and Turkey are on the agenda a lot more," commented Claire Lilley, head of research at Holiday Which?.

Ms Lilley added that, on the whole, holidaymakers are becoming more adventurous in their choice of destination.

While beach holidays are perennially popular, Ms Lilley noted that Brits are also looking for "experiences" - such as canoeing or horse riding - while overseas.

Last year, Travel Nation reported that adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular among older travellers.

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