2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgaria shaping up for tourism boom

28 12 2006

As it prepares to enter the European Union on January 1st Bulgaria is preparing for a rush of tourist visitors and foreign investment.

This already popular destination is being tipped as one of the hottest new destinations for European travellers looking for a new place to spend their summers.

And with new tourism facilities cropping up all over the country, which sits to the north of Greece and borders the Black Sea, there is a genuine buzz growing in the travel industry about this location.

One project typical of this new expansion is a development of the golf course and leisure facilities planned for near the capital city, Sofia.

"We chose Bulgaria because we believe the country has a tremendous potential in the tourism area, which is one of the first conditions for developing golfing," Manuel Sanchez, president of Spain's Ferry Group, told the Novinite news agency.

In total this development is worth over €150 million, but despite its size is not uncommon in this new era of investment in Bulgarian tourism.

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