2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgarian tourism 'to increase 10 per cent'

19 03 2007

Tourism to Bulgaria has been predicted to substantially increase since its accession to the EU.

Direct-holidays.co.uk has forecast that the number of tourists to the eastern European country will increase by as much as ten per cent.

Already the country has become a popular destination for many Brits seeking to buy a second property abroad.

And who could possible blame them? Located on the Balkan Penninsula in southern Europe, Bulgaria boasts a beautiful coastline on the Black Sea and warm, dry summers.

Running down the middle of the country is the picturesque mountain range, the Stara Planina, which attracts scores of skiers during winter with its pristine slopes.

Bulgaria's capital city, Sofia, is one of Europe's great capitals, featuring restaurants, nightlife and culture to rival Paris or London.

In January alone, Bulgaria garnered approximately €81 million from international tourism, according to figures from the State Agency for Tourism, reported by the Sofia Echo.

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