2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bulgarian visitor numbers 'set to grow'

12 12 2008

The number of tourists choosing to holiday in Bulgaria is predicted to grow over the next two year, according to a local news agency.

Bulgaria's state tourism board has predicted that as people increasingly recognise the charms of this European country, visitor numbers could increase by as much as 1.2 per cent by 2011, Sofia News Agency reported.

This would mean an extra 70,000 tourist a year would be enjoying the delights of a Bulgarian holiday.

Revenue from tourism may increase to 50 million euros (£44.6 million) a year, helped by the fact that more Bulgarians are expected to holiday in their own country.

Brits have been enjoying Bulgaria's charms for some years now and the country is becoming a popular tourist destination.

Recently, a panel which included government ministers agreed to push for more funding to market the country, which means that Bulgaria's beautiful mountains, forest and streams could become even better known in future.

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