2008 News Archive - Holidays - Bumbags still worn by 1 in 10, survey shows

29 07 2008

Travellers remain attached to their bumbags for security when overseas, according to a poll.

Research for Tesco Travel Money Card revealed that one in ten Brits travelling abroad wear the unfashionable item to help protect against thieves and pickpockets, while a further four per cent even keep their money in their underpants.

Many annual holidays can be spoilt by the loss of a credit card or the theft of a passport, but taking a few steps to increase security can help make sure those two weeks in the sun are stress-free.

Direct Line recommends that tourists ensure they have a suitable insurance policy in place before jetting off just in case their fall victim to theft or lose their baggage.

In addition, limiting the amount of cash holidaymakers carry and opting for travellers' cheques can help ensure they are not a target for criminals and means that lost money can be replaced with the minimum of fuss.

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