2008 News Archive - Holidays - Camel festival provides thrills and spills

05 04 2007

The South Sinai Camel Festival will revolutionise the way you think about camels and provide an exciting, vibrant spectacle at the same time.

Over 250 different camels from 17 Egyptian tribes attend the event, which takes place in May every year in the popular tourist destination of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Of course the races provide the centrepiece of the event with the camels involved reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Arabian camels, as opposed to Bactrian camels, are used for the races.

Sometimes known as the Dromedary, these camels are taller and speedier than their two-humped counterpart, though not as hardy.

Native to western Asia and east Africa, the Arabian camel is extinct in the wild, but commonly used for transport and haulage in Africa and the Middle East.

Commonly adult Arabian camels grow to a length of about ten feet and a height of six to seven feet.

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