2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cape Town 'is best world city'

26 11 2008

The popular South African holiday destination of Cape Town has won the prize for best world city in the 2008 Telegraph Travel Awards.

Cape Town beat San Francisco and Sydney to claim the first prize, while South Africa as a country was voted in the top three non-European countries.

The awards represent the biggest survey of people's travel habits in the UK, with responses from over 25,000 Telegraph readers.

Commenting on the results in the newspaper, Charles Starmer-Smith wrote: "It quickly becomes clear that your favourite destinations […] are ones where the pound has actually strengthened against the respective currencies in the past year. The same goes for your choices of cities."

The South African rand has fallen significantly against the pound in recent months.

Earlier this month the Sunday Times said that the falling rand, which is now worth less than 7p, meant that South African breaks were a bargain.

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