2008 News Archive - Holidays - Caravanning on the continent

23 01 2008

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding the leisure pursuit of caravanning, it has been reported.

According to the Caravan Club, among these false impressions are that caravanning is the preserve of the older traveller and that it is limited to UK holidays.

However, Nikki Nichol, head of PR for the Caravan Club reported that some holidaymakers travel on the continent to places like Spain, while it is a popular form of break for younger people and families too.

"It really is changing. I think the only reason there is a misconception is [because of] a media perpetuated myth in that sense," she added.

Caravan Club figures show that caravanning is the most popular paid-for holiday in the UK.

According to the organisation, 19 per cent of people in the UK take caravan holidayas.

Ms Nichol noted that retired people spend long periods of the year caravanning in Spain while families go abroad in the summer holidays.

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