2008 News Archive - Holidays - Carnivore carnival in Mexico

11 04 2007

Meat fans may want to pay attention, as the Actopan Barbecue Fair is one of the premier meat-eating events in the world.

The fair is held in July every year to commemorate the founding of the picturesque town back in the 16th century.

A highlight of the fair is on July 8th when townspeople vie for the title of Best Barbecuer by barbecuing the choicest selections of meats possible.

Visitors will not want to miss out on the speciality of the region, roasted mutton in maguey leaves.

For weeks before the fair itself, stalls are set up selling delicacies of the Hidalgo region.

And of course cockfighting, bullfighting, folk dancing, fireworks, live music and Mexican rodeos will all be taking place, all the ingredients of a real Mexican party.

Another taste of the genuine Mexico is the San Marcos Fair in the state of Aguascalientes.

The fair takes place in May every year and is a circus of mariachi bands, musical shows, beauty pageants and more.

Up to seven million people descend on Aguasalientes in western central Mexico every year to partake in what is in essence a huge party.

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