2008 News Archive - Holidays - Celebrate Buddha's birthday in Sri Lanka

27 04 2007

For a taste of the exotic, visit the south Asian paradise of Sri Lanka on May 2nd for Vesak, a celebration of the birthday of Buddha.

Known as the Buddhist Festival of Light, May 2nd is also the date that Buddha achieved enlightenment and when he passed into nirvana.

Visitors to the city of Colombo during this festival will be treated to an unrivalled spectacle of colour and sound.

The festival features thousands of vibrant bamboo-framed lanterns that are displayed along the streets of the city.

Vesak is also the first month of the Buddhist calendar and much of the day is spent in prayer and reflection.

When nightfall arrives, processions of devotees take to the streets and roadside stalls supply free refreshments to all.

Tall platforms are set up near the temples and captivating mimes and theatre performances are put on.

For years Sri Lanka's tourist industry was in the doldrums, hit by the conflict between the government and the Tamil Tigers.

However, now that the conflict has cooled off slightly, tourists are once more flocking to this beautiful country.

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