2008 News Archive - Holidays - Celebrate Day of the Mules in Mexico City

24 05 2007

The Day of the Mules, or Dia de las Mulas, is one of the most ancient of all Mexican celebrations – and one of the wildest.

On June 7th there will be a huge procession around the streets of Mexico City, beginning in the historic Zocalo square.

Mexicans have been celebrating this holiday since 1526 and it is regarded as one of the country's most treasured traditions.

On the day, farmers and artisans from the rural areas around the city bring in their home-made arts and crafts and fresh produce.

The children in turn don traditional garb and sell small handmade wooden mules throughout the day.

Of course a Mexican festival would not be a Mexican festival without constant live music and dancing throughout, which the Day of the Mules has in plenty.

Visitors will also want to be sure to grab a cup of the special vendimia wine that is to be on offer.

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