2008 News Archive - Holidays - Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day

20 04 2007

There is no better time to hit Mexico than during its Independence Day, which the country celebrates on September 15th and 16th.

Mexico City, the country's capital and largest city, is definitely the place to be for this epic party.

For two days the entire city throws itself into celebrating with parades, carnivals, re-enactments and more.

Visitors should be sure to make it to the Zocalo and the Plaza de la Independencia where thousands of Mexicans gather to celebrate their homeland's independence from Spain.

But it is not until the president of the country emerges on the balcony of the Palacio Nacional and rings the ceremonial bell, the Campana de Dolores, that the party is officially started.

At this point fireworks are let off, confetti is thrown and the crowd celebrates with what can only be called wild abandon.

Mexico achieved independence from its Spanish colonists in 1821 after a bloody war lasting 11 years.

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