2008 News Archive - Holidays - Celebrate San Angelo in Licata

04 05 2007

Visitors to Licata this May can enjoy a slice of authentic Italian culture at the San Angelo celebrations, where revellers will be spilling on to the streets of Licata to celebrate the local patron saint of farmers and fishermen.

Staged each year, the event includes a colourful procession where the saint's relics are carried throughout the town in commemoration of the saint. Locals and visitors to the area alike can take part in the event and enjoy an occasion steeped in history and culture.

Legend has it that San Angelo was originally born in Jerusalem and relocated to Sicily upon instruction from Jesus in a dream.

After dying in Licata it is said that a healing oil began to flow from the spot where he was killed, with unique abilities to cure the sick and lame.

In celebration of this fable, a selection of animals are offered up as a tribute in an event that promises to a grand, uplifting spectacle for all visitors.

San Angelo takes place from May 4th – 5th.

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