2008 News Archive - Holidays - Celebrate spring with the ancients in Mexico

19 12 2007

Although the winter equinox is only days away (on Friday December 21st), once the Christmas celebrations are over many people are likely to be looking forward to the longer days of summer again.

For those of a sun-seeking disposition who also like a touch of culture, the two can be fused in a springtime trip to Mexico and the pyramid of Chichen Itza.

On March 20th 2008 many will gather at the UNESCO world heritage site to mark the vernal - or spring equinox.

And besides breathing a collective sigh of relief that the days are longer than the nights once again, visitors can marvel at the former inhabitants' own recognition of the occasion.

"At the precise time of the spring equinox, at 1.31pm GMT, the sun casts its rays on the balustrade, in turn highlighting a feathered serpent that seems to be moving or slithering its way down the steps towards the well of sacrifice," What's on When explains.

The Mayan civilisation that achieved the engineering feat were also responsible for other sites in the region, including the Caracol, the Temple of the Warriors and ball courts.

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