2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cheap art to view and buy

03 10 2007

Visitors to Greece may enjoy soaking up the traditional sights and sounds of the country, but could also have a taste for sampling something more contemporary, such as the experiencing the work the Cheap Art gallery has to offer.

Displaying work from 250 artists, the gallery is located in the bohemian district of Exarchia, Athens, Whatsonwhen notes.

Travellers with money to spend on unusual purchases from their excursions may be interested to note that they can buy the art displayed as well as simply viewing it.

The gallery is known for showcasing the labours of love from up and coming artists whose work is considered too risky to show in more conventional arenas.

It would surely be advisable to experience this free exhibition, as a chance to view these innovative works of art may not arise again.

Greece promises visitors an array of fine foods and historical architecture to enjoy when holidaying in the country.

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