2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cheap golf deals in Portugal and Spain await

02 04 2007

Both Portugal and Spain have long been favoured destinations for golfing fanatics fed up with the rain, damp and crowds of English courses.

Now CostaLessGolf.com is offering a new range of inexpensive golfing holidays to Spain, Portugal and even the Balearics Islands.

The website now allows golfers to build their own golf-centric holidays around which area of each country they wish to be located and include help with car rental, hotel and so forth.

CostaLessGolf.com states on its site: "In Portugal we are concentrating on accommodation in the Villamoura and Albufeira resorts. Within 20 minutes drive from either of these great resorts there are 22 of their top golf courses."

Areas in Portugal such as the Algarve are rapidly becoming known for having some of the best courses in Europe.

And as Easter approaches, many Britons will no doubt be flocking to this sun-kissed destination for a bit of golf.

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