2008 News Archive - Holidays - China champions kung-fu fans

14 08 2007

Kung-fu experts will gather in China next month to celebrate their talents in a biennial festival.

The Zengzhou Shaolin Martial Arts Festival will take place at the Shaolin Temple which is famous for the monks of the same name, Whatsonwhen reports.

A celebration intent on practicing the oriental tradition, visitors to this event will see some spectacular displays of ability, discipline and strength by masters of the skill.

Likely to provide a must-see event for any martial arts enthusiast and also for fanatic kids, the kung-fu meeting displays the moral code needed for the activity.

Workshops and exchanges from martial arts professionals will surely excite and inspire any fledgling karate kid, while the expert displays promised by the organisers will entertain the crowds hoping to glimpse the mastery of this skill.

The Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist monastery in the Henan province of China where monks take 20 years to train as a martial arts specialist.

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