2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cool off this summer at ICEBAR Orlando

19 08 2008

The largest permanent bar made out of ice in the US is opening in October in Florida.

It will open on October 1st and the bar, fashioned from around 50 tonnes of ice, will be located on International Drive.

Every drink will be served 'on ice' as everything from the cocktail glasses to the tables and chairs are formed from over 15,000 gallons of frozen water.

The exhibit is maintained at -2.8 degrees Celcius, but each guest will be given a thermal cape with gloves to keep warm during their visit to the bar.

The notion of ice bars and ice hotels originated in Scandinavia but has spread throughout the world's top destinations, from London to Tokyo and now people taking a holiday in Florida can also enjoy the experience.

A cooling drink at the ICEBAR could be the ideal way to end an eventful day at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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