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06 12 2007

Visitors to the Algarve in February will doubtless love being away from the cold, dark, miserable winter back home, enjoying some warm weather, sunshine, a walk on the beach and the chance of a game of golf.

Alternatively, they can go down the mines.

Those who fancy a little bit of variety can explore the industrial heritage the tourist brochures don't mention - one which dates back five thousand years.

Cova de Mouros Mining Park opens for business in February and shows by means of reconstruction and displays of tools and machinery the history of mining and metal working at the site from the copper-stone period 2,500 years ago to the 19th century, when the mines were last worked.

Visitors will be able to discover plenty about the techniques, technology and cultures which came and went, including the considerable Roman influence on the area.

Faro is the nearest resort to the park.

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