2008 News Archive - Holidays - Costa del Sol remains holiday hit

12 01 2007

The Costa del Sol, traditionally one of Europe's most popular and advanced holiday hotspots, remains a strong favourite with European travellers.

Sur, the newspaper for southern Spain, has reported that tourism in the region has "exceeded all expectations in recent years", as visitors from Britain and around Europe have been seduced by the charms of cobbled towns, the beauty of the beaches and the perhaps unrivalled reputation for customer service.

Malaga's airport has inevitably felt the strain of this incredible demand for holidays and builders are having to work extremely quickly to accommodate the rising number of passengers.

Predictions for passenger numbers vary, with one report expecting 20 million each year by 2010 and another suggesting it will be 2015 before this threshold is passed.

The incredible quality of the beach resorts around this particular part of Spain is undoubtedly one of the prime reasons behind its popularity.

From the quiet and sedate beaches of Sotogrande to the more populated Torremolinos, Mijas and Puerto Banus, the Costa del Sol possesses beaches of the very highest order.

Many offer a wide variety of watersports and holidaymakers can usually find accommodation within a stone's throw of the water.

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