2008 News Archive - Holidays - Costa del Sol 'still tops the bill'

13 02 2007

The Costa del Sol remains Europe's most attractive, advanced and enjoyable holiday destination, tourism officials have claimed this week.

Sur in English, the newspaper for Southern Spain, has reported that the Costa del Sol Tourist Board is extremely confident that the area has what it takes to hold on to its crown.

The world tourism fair, Fitur, is currently being held in Madrid and officials representing the various resorts on the Costa del Sol have been busily promoting their cause to industry employees across the globe.

According to Sur in English, the officials have been at pains to stress that the area boasts more than the sun, sand and sea that everybody knows and loves.

Monuments, architectural achievements, Andalucia's first permanent ice rink and the new indoor swimming pool have all been promoted this week, alongside the usual delights of Spain's beautiful coastline.

A great deal of work has also gone into the "relaunch" of Marbella, which is rising like a phoenix from the flames of disregard.

"We are here to back Marbella's tourism offer and to tell the local people that we want to make up for lost time and to help shake off the image left behind by certain unscrupulous people," one official said.

Few would question the fact that the Costa del Sol is one of Europe's gems, with its spectacular beaches, safe swimming conditions, luxurious hotels and friendly atmosphere. It is the job of the experts at Fitur to ensure this reputation is maintained, as the area prepares to welcome millions of families once again this summer.

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