2008 News Archive - Holidays - Cows about that?

14 11 2007

Visitors to the Maldives in January will be able to get far away from the cold, wet and dark British winter, not to mention all the stress and over-consumption around Christmas time, by lying on a tropical beach and enjoying the scenery, azure warm waters of the Indian Ocean and a nice drink.

Of course, there are some other things to see and do.

Perhaps the most notable of these occurs in the middle of January when the Tamil new year, known as Thai Pongal, takes place.

If Christmas is a bad time to be a turkey, Thai Pongal is a great time to be a cow, as cattle are given their own day of thanksgiving, decorated in garlands and given a dish of pongal, or rice pudding.

The festival is of particular relevance to Hindus (who make up most of the Tamil population across south Asia) with a major emphasis of cleansing and renewal at the start of the year.

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