2008 News Archive - Holidays - Croatia "great" for seaside holidays

19 02 2008

Croatia is a "great" holiday destination for those who wish to spend time relaxing on the seaside, it has been reported.

The comment comes from the Telegraph, which also notes that the country boasts crystal-clear seas with ladders or steps often cut into the rock which leads to the water.

Additionally, mountain scenery in Croatia is attractive for ramblers, with its coastal mountain range meeting the sea and creating "ribbon islands covered with pine woods, flower-rich maquis and fields of vines and lavender".

The publication promotes island hopping, reporting that outside of July and August it is not hard to find a place to stay on the day.

Observing that the Dalmatian Coast has four main tourist areas, the Telegraph claims that Croatia is "probably" the cheapest country in the Mediterranean for holidaymakers.

Wines cost roughly £4 per bottle while a coffee comes in at 50 pence and a pizza will set you back £2.50.

A spokesperson for the Croatian National Tourist Office recently stated that Croatia is currently a "very" popular holiday destination.

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