2008 News Archive - Holidays - Croatia invests in luxury

11 04 2007

The increasingly-popular tourist destination of Croatia is to see two brand new luxury hotels built on the picturesque Istrian Peninsula.

Combined, the two hotels will offer a full 350 more bedrooms to the area, including sumptuous suites, apartments and villas.

And the popular destinations of Dubrovnik and Brac are also to benefit from new luxurious accommodation for the increasing numbers who are discovering Croatia.

Dubrovnik is becoming one of the most popular cities on the Mediterranean and continues to attract visitors year-round.

Both the Dubrovnik Museum and the Duke's Palace together have over 15,000 exhibitions.

And the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in July and August is not to be missed.

Croatia's many outlying islands have also been the site of construction, with one of the largest, Krk, having a luxury estate built on it.

The country's rocky coastline on the Adriatic has some of the best scenery in Europe and tourist numbers increase every year.

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